I'm Marius, a senior product leader, executive and coach, with extensive experience building B2B and B2C products, teams and organizations. I'm currently CPO at Aidn, a company that is reinventing how the health care system works.

I used to be Head of Product at Ruter and previously led product at Nimber. Also responsible for the only product management/leadership survey in Norway (see results).


Building a product and product organization that is reimagining health care and EHR products. Currently focused on 0 to 1 efforts, launched with 7 pilot customers with great usage and satisfaction.

Product Executive

Image of an iPhone lying on a table
Image of an iPhone lying on a table
Image of an iPhone lying on a table

Built a user centric product organzation from 3 to 60 people that created the new Ruter product experience with 8M$ MRR and increased user satisfaction.

Product and Design Leadership

Image of new Ruter app
Image of new Ruter app

Built a two sided market place for deliveries in the sharing economy. Reached above industry standard matching rates and user satisfaction. Launched in Norway and internationally.

Product Leadership

Image of a computer and keyboard on a desk

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