Built a user centric product organzation from 3 to 60 that created the new Ruter product experience with 8M$ MRR and increased user satisfaction.

Product and Design Leadership

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From public transport to mobility

Ruter's challenge was that their market was and is being threatened by other mobility providers that is disrupting the market, like scooters, on demand car services, rental cars etc. This has a potential adverse effect on the city and the environment, and as a public transport authority in the capital region of Oslo it might be marginalized and not be able to push people toward sustainable transport.

As head of product I built a modern user centric product organization that created the new digital products that led Ruter from being a public transport authority to a mobility company. Taking Ruter into new markets and launching new revenue-generating products.

Main accomplishments:

  • Built a user centric and data-driven product org

  • New product vision and strategy

  • 8M$ MRR

  • Range of awards for the digital product

  • Sunsetting of old products

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Image of someone buying a ticket on the go in the Ruter-app

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