PM Survey

The Norwegian product management community has exploded the last few years, and it is time for a survey to map how we deal with product. The survey is released in April '23 and results was published in September '23 (see results).


The state of Norwegian product management

Are you led by a product vision and strategy formed by customer research or are your product decisions done by management handing features to develop down to the team? Are you doing user research at all? How often are you releasing new features, and how do you measure success? And maybe what you all are wondering about, are you paid as well as the rest of the product people at your level?

These and many more are questions that have been answered in the first survey of product management in Norway.

Go here to see the results, or look at the video presentation of the results:

If you want the report, or you want to book a presentation of the results, please reach out at or +47 90 18 25 49


Thanks to all the contributors who participated to ensure the quality of this survey, like Yvonne Svae-Grotli, Arber Zagragja, Fredrik Matheson, Erik Story og Kristian Collin Berge. Also to all the people in the Slack-community who added questions and comments.

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Image of coffee being poured into a glass

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